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For small farms.

Plan semilla
  • 3 Users

  • Assistance and support

  • Cost and budget module

  • Purchasing and warehousing module

  • Field notebook module

  • Work and tasks module


For medium to large companies.

  • 4 Users
  • Assistance and support

  • Cost and budget module

  • Purchasing and warehousing module

  • Field notebook module

  • Work and tasks module

  • Application orders module
  • Machinery module
  • Up to 10 machines


For large farming companies.

Plan semilla
  • 6 Users
  • Assistance and support

  • Cost and budget module

  • Purchasing and warehousing module

  • Field notebook module

  • Work and tasks module
  • Machinery module

  • Up to 15 machines
  • Harvest module
  • Weather module

  • Irrigation module

  • Application orders module

Agribusiness Plan

For large agricultural enterprises.

Livestock farming

If you have dairy-livestock production, add the dairy-livestock module to your plan at a special price.

For education

We have reduced plans for educational institutes and non-profit organizations.

Get started with your free plan

The test includes 1 user, budget, purchasing and field notebook modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

The users who will use AGRI need a computing knowledge ?2024-06-14T11:16:51-04:00

Agri is a platform designed and structured so that everyone in the agricultural industry can work on it. Our system is developed and designed with state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to deliver a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.

Is Agri a multi-company?2022-07-06T09:50:54-04:00

Yes, our software allows you to have control over all the business lines you have, allowing you to associate tax documents to the different routines you handle.

Do all software modules have to be contracted?2022-04-13T10:42:30-04:00

No, Agri is modular. Depending on the characteristics and needs of the farm, you can hire the modules you find necessary.

Can Agri be implemented regardless of the size of the farm?2022-04-13T10:45:10-04:00

Yes, we adapt to the requirements of each farmer. For this we have different plans. You can choose the one that best suits your business.

How long should Agri be contracted for?2022-04-13T10:46:33-04:00

Agri's business model allows you to pay a monthly subscription. It does not have any contract, so there is no minimum contracting time for the service.

How should I keep the cost centers?2022-04-13T10:48:56-04:00

Our cost centers are 100% parameterizable. Each farmer can "drive" them as he/she sees fit. Once you start working with Agri, our support team will guide you and help you through the process of ordering your cost centers.

Does the system keep the farm's accounting?2022-04-13T10:50:27-04:00

Agri is focused and specialized in the agricultural management of the field, but with the possibility of integrating with the different accounting systems of our clients.

What is its value?2022-04-13T10:51:53-04:00

The value of Agri depends on the requirements of each farmer.

Can a custom quote be provided?2022-04-13T11:48:11-04:00

If a customer needs modifications such as adding users or modules, a custom quote can be made by contacting our sales team.

How long is the implementation process?2022-04-13T11:50:47-04:00

On average the implementation plan takes about 6 to 8 weeks. These times are fully customizable to the client's needs and times. Una vez definido y programado el plan de implementación, el cliente debe dar cumplimiento a lo programado para evitar retrasos en los tiempos de implementación.

Do I need internet to use the system?2022-04-13T11:52:38-04:00

We have modules that work without signal and internet connection (offline). Once you have access to the network all the information entered in these modules is synchronized in the Agri cloud.

Can I enter data from my mobile device?2022-04-13T11:55:21-04:00

Yes, Agri is a multiplatform web application available in cloud mode with state-of-the-art technologies. It is also multi-device, google play, mac app store and windows 10.

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