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AGRI is a software specialized in the agricultural sector that allows you to manage your fields in a centralized, simple and efficient way, from any device.

AGRI is an all-in-one platform

Designed to facilitate the work of managers and farm managers

AGRI Órdenes de aplicación
AGRI Faenas
AGRI Control de cosechas
AGRI Gestión de compras
AGRI Gestión de bodega
AGRI Contro de maquinaria
AGRI Cuaderno de campo
AGRI Control de riego
AGRI Ganadería

Plan and budget your cost and activities

Plan and budget your cost and activities

Get real-time reports

Seamless integration with other systems

Seamless integration with other systems

Trusted by over 160 agricultural businesses globally
who trust AGRI

Trusted by over 160 agricultural businesses globally who trust AGRI

Driving digital transformation in over




"I highlight the very good support provided by the Support team. The platform has several modules necessary for any agricultural company, regardless of its size."
Juan Felipe Rivas, Sugar Cane Operations Director - Colombia

AGRI is the key to success in digital agriculture. We chose AGRI to manage the data we generate for informed decision-making, setting a new standard for Ecuadorian agriculture.

Bryan Guevara, Head of Crop Production - Nobis Fruit Company - Ecuador

We find AGRI's modules, particularly Inventory, Tasks, and Application Orders, to be incredibly valuable. They offer exceptional traceability and visibility, giving us powerful insights

Elciario Naranjo, San Crispin Farm

"We consider AGRI an intuitive, flexible, and fast tool that facilitates accurate data analysis. It has significantly improved the efficiency of our operations across our Argentine field."

Franco Calabrigo, Calabrigo Agricultural - Argentina

"AGRI's seamless integration across all modules provides comprehensive cost visualization for each production stage, enabling us to maintain greater control over our operations."

Catalina Celedón, VALCAM SEED FARM - Chile
"AGRI's digitalization platform has streamlined our agricultural operations, enabling us to make informed decisions with greater efficiency."
Fernando Zunino, Head of Finance and Management Control of Agrícola Aillin - Chile
"AGRI facilitates organized accounting, providing valuable insights into field activities, yields, cash flow needs, and payment planning, ensuring efficient financial management."
Álvaro Moreno, Administration and Finance Manager of Yelcho - Chile

"I particularly appreciate AGRI's 'Tasks' module. It streamlines contractor management, enabling efficient and accurate deal finalization."

Santiago Vicuña, Grow Southwest Farm S.A - Chile

"AGRI's application order module initially drew me in. It was the catalyst for my search for agricultural software solutions."

Matías Guajardo, Ing. Agrónomo - Chile

"The ability to track cost per kilo has been a game-changer. It allows me to precisely determine the production cost per kilo of fruit, providing invaluable and accurate financial data."

Raimundo Molina, Agricultural Pangalillo - Chile

"We began using AGRI with full confidence and haven't looked back. The offline mode is particularly valuable, allowing me to make informed decisions on the go, significantly enhancing my efficiency as a farmer."

Nicolás Vicuña, Tricao Farm - Chile

"AGRI's user-friendly design has fostered widespread adoption within our team, ensuring everyone is aligned and on the same page."

Juan Carlos Cerda, Carmen's Farm - Chile

Boost the AGRI with our partnerships

Boost the AGRI with our partnerships



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